Success Stories

I enlisted Kris as my Leadership Coach during my transition into a leadership position. The Assessment and Coaching program taught me about myself, and especially how others perceive me. The skills I learned in 2007 continue to provide me with confidence and clarity. Kris expertly guided me, and is an excellent listener. Pamela Duffy, Superintendent, Crossroads Charter Academy
I took the assessment on two occasions and was so impressed with the accuracy of the VQ Assessment that I didn’t even want to admit it at first! Kris was great at explaining the results and providing me feedback in a practical manner to help me understand my report. My experience over many years working with Kris has been extremely positive.

Kevin Davidson, HR Consultant, K.A. Davidson and Associates

I was amazed at how ‘spot on’ the results were to my life. Who would’ve thought that my inner thinking could be revealed to me so completely? Kris advised me on how I could achieve a more peaceful, fulfilling, and successful life.  I had been seeing a conventional counselor and Kris did more to impact my life with the Assessment than several sessions of counseling.  I want tools, not a lot of psychobabble. Kris provided me with those tools. Kris is a very insightful, spiritual, open-minded, caring individual.  She is patient, and a good listener. This allowed her to guide me to where I have always wanted to go with my life.  I have found her to be an invaluable resource. Shellie Bates, RN, Ingham Regional Medical Center
Kris was instrumental in explaining the results from the VQ Assessment. The Assessment was an interesting and informative evaluation that helped me look at how I view myself, others,most importantly how I think. It gave me a starting point of where I need to change, grow, and prioritize the most important things in my life. You will enjoy working with Kris on this adventure. Amy Hayes, Occupational Therapist, State of Michigan
I was very impressed with the accuracy of the VQ Assessment. It is amazing that this simple Assessment was able to pin down my thought process so accurately. Kris is a wonderful Coach. She made the assessment clear and understandable, and was very easy to talk to. Through the assessment, she helped me identify my thought processes and how they impact my everyday life. I’d highly recommend Kris as a Coach to anyone who wants to improve themselves and their relationships, both personally and professionally. John Jersey, IT Business Needs Analyst, State of Michigan
Kris’ professionalism, knowledge and ability to present real life examples allowed me to instill greater confidence in my ability and myself as a sales professional. She increased my awareness of how I was perceived by my associates and customers. This allowed me to increase my effectiveness and ability to deal with conflicts and resolutions in the field. My confidence and ability to manage my business has never been higher. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to any professional who would like to excel in their profession and in life. Timm A. Kobayashi, Account Executive