Just like the ripple,
our actions and our influence spread far beyond what we can see.
– Martha S. Allen

Leadership Development

If you’d like to provide meaningful development to your leaders to help them maximize their potential, create a more cohesive leadership team or become the leader you’ve always imagined, if you’re interested in real and lasting results – we can help.

Great organizations start with great leadership. Leaders who are willing to learn, grow and listen. Leaders who value and respect their employees, who encourage growth and creativity, who “see” people, not just producers. If you support values-based leadership, and a values-drive organization, then Cognitive Self-Leadership is for you.

We can help you, and your leadership team become more values-oriented by:

  • Establishing your organization’s core values, and creating supporting personal and professional development goals.
  • Discovering the hidden liabilities and triggers that are holding you and your organization back.
  • Maximizing your naturally strong thinking assets, creating new neuro-pathways for real and lasting change.

Our Cognitive Self-Leadership Development program is designed for those who are serious about addressing the very real issues leaders and organizations face every day. In addition to our Basic Cognitive Self-Leadership Development program, the Advanced Leadership Development program provides additional tools and practice to move you, your team and your entire organization toward a more values based organization.

You can expect to improve your working relationships, your leadership team’s effectiveness, your company’s culture, as well as improve employee performance and increase employee engagement, with this unique and life-changing program!

Coaching is conducted in a workshop format on-site, or conducted remotely on an individual basis.

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