Even if you feel like a small pebble dropped into a big pond,
your choices create eternal ripples. Make a splash.

About Kristin Clark

Kristin Clark

I believe in the Ripple Effect, random acts of kindness, “seeing” people, looking for the good. I believe in compassion, kindness, and caring, and that the small things matter. Over the past 25 years, as a Human Resource professional and Coach this has always been my philosophy. People first. 

I’ve worked in multiple industries, and have interviewed, assessed, coached, and developed hundreds of people. I’ve advised boards and executive management on hiring, employee placement, and staff development. But what I am best known for, is my ability to connect, build rapport and put people at ease, in every kind of situation, skillfully guiding them through whatever situation they are facing. 

Kristin is a Certified Axiogenics Coach, and NCRT Practitioner, she has studied axiology for nearly twenty years, and is a student of the process. She earned her B.A. in Interpersonal Communication from Michigan State University, with a minor in German studies. 

Kristin lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with her husband and two teenage boys. She has traveled several times to Europe and has a life-long German pen pal. She served as a charter school board member (President for several years), and is a steering committee member of Decoding Dyslexia Michigan. She enjoys summers at Lake Michigan with her family, and really likes dark chocolate.