A thought, like a drop of water,
ripples outward, influencing everything.

What would you like to make better in your life?

Would you like to have better balance, be more effective with your time, and feel more confident in the decisions you make? Would you like your team to be more engaged, cooperative, and committed to organizational goals? Would you like to create better relationships with the people in your life? Whatever matters to you most, whether it’s any one of these, or all of them, we know how to help you reach your goals.  

If you are ready to make a difference in your business and in your life, it starts with a new way of thinking. Let us show you how.

Deciding to make something better is a lot easier than actually making it happen.
We can teach you how to make things better and, it may even be easier than you think.

Why wait? Take the First Step now.

Personal Coaching

If you’re ready to become more authentic,
deepen your relationships, have more career
satisfaction, find more joy in your life, or
something else that really matters to you…

We Can Help
Leadership Development

If you’d like to create a more values-based
culture, help your team reach it’s potential,
become the leader you’ve always imagined,
if you’re interested in real and lasting results…

We Can Help
Candidate Selection

If you want to make better hiring and promotion
decisions, have better on-boarding, better talent
and leadership development, and a more
effective performance improvement process…

We Can Help

Why Us?

There are thousands of coaches to choose from, dozens of coaching techniques and too many “assessment” tools to count. The approach we offer is different. Utilizing the latest research in neuroscience, we measure and identify how your current thoughts, ideas and attitudes are impacting your life choices. Coupled with a cognitive learning approach called Neuro-Axiological Remodeling Technology (NCRT) and twenty-five years of helping people, we can quickly help you make your life work better for the long run.

No matter what you want to achieve, using our simple 3-step coaching approach we will guide you along the way.

Working Together We Will Determine:

What You Want
And Why?

What Thinking Undermines
Your Success?

What Thinking Propels
Your Success?

The principles for mastering these 3-simple steps can be learned in as little as six (6) one-hour sessions. Our Cognitive Self-Leadership program will give you the tools to achieve what matters to you most. Applying this process will enable you to accomplish whatever comes next. The more you practice applying these 3-simple steps the quicker, more long lasting, and effective your results will be.  Like developing any new habit, all you will need to do is Apply, Practice, and Repeat.

We work with clients individually over the phone; in-group workshops onsite; or via webinar. Once you learn to use the process, you can continue to apply it on your own or work with us to support you in addressing more challenging and complex issues for as long as you need us.